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Put simply, we help our clients build their business through their brands at retail. At Design North, we believe that product packaging is the window to the soul of the brand and we deliver unique, powerfully simple designs that resonate with consumers. 

We’re here to provide strategic thinking and powerful design that deliver real bottom-line results. Our 50-plus-year record includes hundreds of successful project outcomes in practically every retail channel and product category.

who we are




We are experienced, passionate and award-winning design and marketing professionals who are experts at our craft. We have dedicated our careers to identifying where brands live and thrive in competitive retail markets. We translate that into inspiring design that delivers the powerful results clients expect.


We listen to our clients, and our clients’ customers, and provide fresh insight into the ever-changing retail environment.

Our client relationships span decades. We work with our clients to discover not just what is possible, but develop what works best. We achieve this through BrandSpace™, our proven brand-alignment methodology that rigorously identifies challenges and opportunities facing brands in the marketplace.

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we’ve been around for
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Hello :)

Design North is now Spark.
Please make a note of this for the future and
reach out if you have any questions!

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